KGS Lions

Kenrick-Glennon Seminary Lions

Team Information


A seminarian is a young man studying, preparing, and praying, in preparation of (possibly) becoming a priest. The seminary is a place where the seminarians learn about God, but also to listen for His voice in their lives. Most young men who enter the seminary after years and study and prayer are ordained priests, but not all. Over the years they look to God to see if he is calling them to the Holy Priesthood.

While the priests have the grace of Holy Orders, the KGS Lions regularly practice and play as a team in the CYC adult mens soccer league. The seminary in St. Louis has a rich tradition of soccer excellence. A team from Kenrick seminary in the 1950's defeated the St. Louis University Team who were national champions at the time.


The Seminary in St. Louis is named after our two longest serving Archbishops, Archbishop Peter Richard Kenrick (1843-1895) and Cardinal John J Glennon (1903-1946). Between them the lead the Archdiocese of St. Louis longer than the other 8 (Arch)bishops combined!

The Lions

The team name comes from Archbishop Kenrick's motto, noli irritare Leonem, "Do not anger the lion." Archbishop Kenrick was a powerful pastor after the heart of Jesus, guiding the Church in St. Louis through a period of incredible termoil and growth. During his time in St. Louis the city grew to almost thrityfold.

Victory Song

After the Seminarians, having applied their youth, practiced as a team, and played together in real games, narrowly defeat the Clergy and Company they will want to praise God by singing this song, O God Beyond All Praising. This hymn is typically sung as the closing hymn for priestly ordinations in St. Louis.

The Players

Name # Home Parish
Joe Allen 8 Queen of All Saints
Charlie Archer 34 St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
Andy Beugelsdijk   Holy Cross, Hutchinson, KS
Jacob Brock   Assumption of Mattese
Michael Castor 26 St. Mary, St. Joseph, MO
Josh Deters 9 St. Joseph Cottleville
Bradley Distler 4 St. Martin
Jeff Dodds 38 St. John the 23rd
Joseph Esserman 21 Holy Infant
Paul Floersch   St. Robert Bellarmine, Omaha, NE
Eddie Godefroid 35 St. Catherine Laboure
Patrick Hannegan 23 St. Clement of Rome
Daniel Koko   St. Marie Tshumbe
Josh Lee 39 St. Joseph, Faith, SD
Joseph Lugalambi 25 Masaka-Diocese, Uganda
Hao ManhTran 90 Phatdiem, Diocese VN
Tim Markowski 84 St. Gerard Majella
Grant Monnig 22 St. Mary, Glasgow, MO
Ryan Quarnstrom 32 St. Joseph Cottleville
George Rhodes   St. John Paul II, Olathe, KS
Tony Ritter 33 St. Joseph Josephville
Paul Sappington 28 Our Lady of Lourdes, Harrisville
Sebastian Scholl 7 St. Pius X, Mission, KS
Jake Smith 29 St. Clare of Assisi
Padraic Stock   St. James
Ty Taylor 31 St. Michael the Archangel, Mulvane, KS
Dean Wheeler   St. Pius X, Mission, KS