Clergy and Company

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Team Information

Clergy and Company

Clergy are the bishops, priests, and deacons of the Catholic Church.

And Company?

The Bishop, Priests, and Deacons have their team rounded out by a few ringers from among the lay faithful.

Victory Song

When the Clergy leverage the grace of Orders and their ringers to their inevitable victory this will be their hymn of celebration. The words in latin, "non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo do gloriam," in English "Not to us, Lord, not to us, but to your name give the glory." God deserves all the glory!


Bill Faherty

The Players

Name # Home Parish
Rev. Drew Burkemper 1 Holy Infant
Tom Eichwald 2 St. Joan of Arc
Rev. Kevin Schroder (C) 3 Incarnate Word
Nick Lee 4 All Souls
Nathan Doerr 5 Cathedral Basilica
Rev. Michael Grosch 6 St. Michael the Archangel
Michael Horn 7 St. Anthony of Padua, South City
Jeff Geerling 8 Curé of Ars
Rev. Tim Foy 9 St. John the Baptist, Gildehaus
Rev. Anthony Gerber 10 St. Theodore, Flint Hill
Rev. Brian Fallon 11 Office of Vocations
Brandon Durk 12  
Andrew Shipp 13 St. Alban Roe
Napoleon D'Cunha 14  
Rev. Zac Povis 15 Assumption, O'Fallon
Kyle Huelsing 16  
Rev. Paul Hamilton 17 Sacred Heart, Florissant
William Faherty 18 St. Joseph, Cottleville
Rev. Robert Murphy, S.J. 19 Saint Louis University
Zeus Hernandez 20 Immaculate Conception, Dardenne
Deacon Padraic Stack 21 Ascension, Chesterfield
Rev. Chris Martin 22 Office of Vocations
Rev. David Voss 23  
Andrew Struttmann 24